Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts

I'm periodically dipping into a book titled as below. Not only is the content of this book amazingly practical and helpful, but it's also amazing, how now days, an author can have published along with a book accompanying CDs, DVDs, Web links, Twitter and/or  FaceBook accounts and more. The book buyer is no longer limited to just text and graphics .
The importance of having and using a simple INTENT to guide any video I shoot is one of the first very helpful lessons I learned from this book. In his book, the author Steve Stockman, provides links to videos that illustrate his points. In the video below, his intent was to show kids before and after their Summer Stars Camp experience. As I watched this video, my eyes welled-up and I felt goose bumps allover. Two reason: I can see this book helping me to create great videos and more importantly, I feel a need to make similar contributions to the lives of kids...check out the video. And look for postings of videos I shoot.

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