Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Language Learning Tips | Language Learning - Blog

I came across Language Learning Tips a moment ago; this is stuff I definitely like and therefore just had to share it with you

Language Learning Tips | Language Learning - Blog: These are the best free lessons on the internet.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gina's Story - A Digital Story by Gina Teixeira Rodriguez (+playlist)

I like Ms. Gina's Story

After watching her story on YouTube, I felt compelled to add a comment on her site:"With so few viewers and likes posted, I almost didn't watch your video. But WOW!! what amazing love and therefore amazing courage. You love your father; You love to teach; You love and appreciate language and culture; You love people; wow! While watching your video, I felt inspired to guest-post it on my blog. Then I felt my stomach filled with fair. But to teach my daughter values your father taught you, I must not be a "silent voice for the status quo" I must gust-post your video"

Sunday, September 22, 2013

People Protheses and A Princess

I like this photo.
And I suspect that princess Die liked it too.

It inspires me as a relatively privileged person to be more useful among less privileged people. To Me the photo suggests that this princess, unlike too many privileged people, gets the fact that all people are people. 

I also like that the princess connects with these people on a personal level. Princess Die sits a young girl on her lap while embracing her and handling her prosthesis. Wow!  With another person she em-pathetically  maintains sustained eye contact. This to me speaks volumes with out words. I like that.

Moreover she seem so relaxed amid it all. 
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is Brain Size Fixed or Flexible?

For many years they were quite certain that brain size is fixed and decided at conception. In other words if Whitney Houston was your mom and Albert Einstein your dad you would have the 'singingist' voice and best brain in a 1000 years. But if you weren't so blessed, you'ld have a C grade brain like BernieDonxi, me.

Because of the work of neuroscientists, there is hope for BernieDongXi. And so he intends to Start Training. I intend to build a bigger and better brain. Come back to see how I do it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts

I'm periodically dipping into a book titled as below. Not only is the content of this book amazingly practical and helpful, but it's also amazing, how now days, an author can have published along with a book accompanying CDs, DVDs, Web links, Twitter and/or  FaceBook accounts and more. The book buyer is no longer limited to just text and graphics .
The importance of having and using a simple INTENT to guide any video I shoot is one of the first very helpful lessons I learned from this book. In his book, the author Steve Stockman, provides links to videos that illustrate his points. In the video below, his intent was to show kids before and after their Summer Stars Camp experience. As I watched this video, my eyes welled-up and I felt goose bumps allover. Two reason: I can see this book helping me to create great videos and more importantly, I feel a need to make similar contributions to the lives of kids...check out the video. And look for postings of videos I shoot.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I love this woman's .... story So Inspiring!

Because she'll inspire you too, please click to view her story.
But its because of one of her few humble moments...I must read Wonder Girl...And so because you will learn what I learn, please 

come again. 

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Friday, May 18, 2012

When I hear myself laugh

When I hear myself laugh, I'm pleasantly reminded of my mom. I sound just like her. But when I smile, I somehow, sometimes think of Whoopi.Looking at her and me, at our mouths, and cheeks,
can you (even a little) see why? The deep dark secret is that I have what the dentist calls an over bite i.e. rabbits-teeth. And from Whoopi, I've learnt how to conceal it while being photographed.